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Broke out from the bull descending triangle. - Part 2

Follow up from my previous post on 9 June 2018 click  here . You should have made 5% in 3 months from this trade.  So how much can you make from this mouse click? Eg for a small investor, $20,000 x 5% = $1,000 All fr0m one mouse click. Small profit.  ************************************************************************ Are you still earning 2-3% pa? In case that you do not know that our public transport is going to increase by up to 4.3% this year. Read this article: ************************************************************************ There is another buying signal confirmation coming in this week. You can enter your 2nd position now.  I don't care what the news said, what bears is coming, the big bears are coming,  the trade war will trigger recession etc. I only trade with my SYSTEM .  My system is my BOSS . He tells