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Buy Buy Buy or Bye Bye Bye?

Question: What is the most important subject to learn in school? Answer: To learn how to use ruler and pen to draw straight lines. S&P 500 broke 1900 support (red line) shortly after my previous post.  one more critical support level is around 1750 (blue line) .  However, buying pressure seen on last Wednesday. Rebound strongly on Friday, up 2%.  Market reversal? Buy Buy Buy or Bye Bye Bye? A lot of gurus are calling for a recession, stock market crashes, bear market etc.... Do you believe them?

People see RED, they feel scared. When I see RED, I see ANG POWs dropping from the sky.

China market was halted for 2nd time this week. S&P 500 closed below 2000 yesterday. Next support level: 1900 ~ 1920 This selling will be another making money opportunity for me. Mr Market has been kind to me. Read this. Miss it & you will Regret it !! People see RED , they feel scared . When I see RED , I see ANG POWs dropping from the sky.