Sunday 29 November 2015

MARKET SENTIMENT - Have you board the boat yet?

Have you board the boat yet?

I am one of the few who call for buy on dips during the last correction in August. 

Read thisthis, this & 11% in 2 months !!.

June 2015, my short term market sentiment had changed from "bullish" to "cautious". Read THIS.

Market went into correction in August. Does this happen by chance?

TODAY, my short term market sentiment had changed from "cautious"  back to "bullish".

Are you going to board the boat this time?

If you have miss the opportunity to buy on dips in August. This will be your 2nd chance to buy.

Short Term:

Long Term:

Don't Keep Me a Secret. 
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Monday 9 November 2015

Market approaching resistance

Approaching resistance. S&P 500 have went up for consecutive for 6 weeks.
based on the chart, these 2 weeks will be very important. 

The good fundamental stocks i have scanned out last week are at their resistance too. Waiting to break out while want to price in the interest hike in December as last Friday, US jobless rate drop to 5% and US economy add 271k jobs in October. 

Friday 6 November 2015

Day Trader Documentary - A day in the life of a multimillionaire forex trader

Day Trader Documentary - A day in the life of a multimillionaire forex trader

Watch a successful forex trader in action as he makes $50,000 in less than 24hrs. Learn about his routine, what his wife thinks about his career choice and how he views the market.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Waste Management Inc

Waste Management Inc.
Position Trading.

Most of the good fundamental stocks are waiting to break their highs. 

Disclaimer applied.

Monday 26 October 2015

I put my money where my mouth is. 11% in 2 months !!

I put my money where my mouth is.
When everybody is calling for a market crashes, I believe I am one of the few who call for buy on dips.

Look here, here and here.

11% in 2 months !!

This will be a EARLY X'MAS GIFT for all of us.

Correction is a time to BUY and accumulate.

Recession is a time to say BYE BYE to the market.

Let's grow rich together.
ps. Take note of this week FOMC statement, 28 October 2015. There might be some profit taking next week before the FOMC statement.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Market approaching resistance.

Met up with 13 valued readers for the past 3 weeks.

Most of them requested to meet up with me for 1 simple reason.

Their existing investment portfolio either cash or cpf investment is not making any profits for the past 3 to 8 years.

You are not alone.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is your investment more than 3 years?

2. Not making more than 5% pa?
3. Nobody is monitoring for u?
4. You don't have the time and knowledge in investment ?

Perhaps is time for you to meet up with me.

Below is my track record for linked fund performance.

Fill up the form below and I will contact you shortly.

Thursday 15 October 2015

Going up from here? Going down again?


posted 2 weeks ago, market had reach its 1st support level see here.
S&P 500 trying to stay above 2000. So the question is what's next? Going up from here? Going down again?

met up with some of the readers here.
They are confused about the directions of the market. Long got burn. Short also got burn.

What they are lacked of is a SYSTEM.
A TESTED AND PROVEN SYSTEM to help them to decide whether to buy and sell.

System tells you to buy, you buy.
System tells you to sell, you sell.

If you buy a stock without a TESTED and PROVEN SYSTEM, I will strongly encourage to stop whatever you are doing, and think again.

Wednesday 30 September 2015

S&P 500 - 1st support level

S&P 500 have reached its 1st support level (RED). 
If it breaks, it will goes to the 2nd support level (GREEN). 

A lot of people is bearish about the market. 
From what I see, this is just a correction not a recession. 


Monday 31 August 2015


Many are caught surprised by this speed of correction. 

China have tried few measures to stop the bleeding, like cutting interest rate and China is going to use its pension fund to invest in the stock market for the first time. The pension fund would be $313 billion. 
WOW!! how many ZEROssssssss are there.

Mentioned in my previous post. I said that i saw this correction as a golden opportunity to accumulate. 

I hope you have bought some good stocks to keep. 

Miss it & you will REGRET it !!

 Market Sentiment

Short Term:

Long Term:

Sunday 23 August 2015


Broke down from the trendline and support level 2000. 

woes from china and Fed not going to give a FIRM answer whether to increase the interest rate next month. 

Double Combo from Mr Market. 

I see this drop as a golden opportunity to accumulate some good stocks. 

Looking for "V" shape pattern!! 

Buy on dips!!!

Be greedy when others are fearful.


Market Sentiment

Short Term:

Long Term:

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Awesome Week !!

My style is to combine these 2 school of thoughts, fundamental analysis (FA) and technical analysis (TA).

FA is to know what stocks to invest.
TA is to know when to buy & when to sell. 

When you invest/trade with a good FA stocks, your risk will automatically be reduced significantly. Plus your timing to buy & sell. your risk will be even further reduced.

most people invest/trade either based solely on FA or solely on TA. 

Both methods works. 

Why not combined these 2 school of thoughts together.

FA + TA = FATA (发达)

Invest in those Big and Good company that most probably will be here for the next 3 to 5 years. 

regarding whether one should trade penny stocks. there are skilled traders making good profits by trading penny stocks. but this is only the minority.

Below is Deng Xiaoping Theory

"It doesn't matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice."
It doesn't matter whether it is FA or TA, Blue Chip or Penny Stocks,  as long as it can make money.

Most importantly, is to have a system to follow.   

Monday 17 August 2015

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill. 
Position Trading. 

One can long when it break out from the bull flag or 760 resistance.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a good fundamental company. 
you can read more about this company here and here.

Chipotle Mexican Grill have announced that they no longer served food containing Genetically Modified Foods, GMO on 27 April 2015. But it also means that they will be increasing their prices as well.

Read more over here.

Miss it and you will regret it !!

Disclaimer appiled. 

Saturday 15 August 2015


Support Level: 2055

on wednesday 12/08/15, S&P 500 went down to low 2052 (support level) then it retracted backed (long tail) to 2086. 

Long tail means there is buying pressure in the market.

US is still standing strong. Asia markets eg, China, Hong Kong, Singapore is having correction. What does this means? Stock markets is having SALES
Is time to look at your shopping list. 

Be Greedy when Others are FEARFUL !!

NOW is the BEST TIME to look at your shopping list. 

Miss it & you will REGRET IT !!


Market Sentiment

Short Term:

Long Term:


Wednesday 12 August 2015


Now USDSGD is 1.40. 

Does this happen by chance? or I have a crystal ball at home.

I received few PM that they are burned by the recent sell-down.

Asking me what to do. to hold or cut loss?

This question is depends on who you are. whether you are a investor or trader.

If you are a investor, you should buy more. cos now the stock is cheaper. 

If you are a trader, you should have cut loss. follow the trend.

Those who don't know what to do is because they don't have a SYSTEM to follow. 

They invest or trade because they "THINK", they "FEEL" that this stock is good.

If you invest/ trade without a SYSTEM, I can GUARANTEE you that in the long run, you will lose.

Tuesday 11 August 2015

swing trades & position trades for 2015


These are some of my swing trades & position trades for 2015. 

Roughly 60% PROFITS!!

although this year, most markets are either DOWN or SIDEWAYS.
You still can profit from Mr Market. 

Mr Market is your ATM!!

Swing Trades

January 2015 

Athenahealth Inc

Quality Systems Inc

February 2015

Wabco Holdings Inc


March 2015

General Growth Properties     ggp

Macerich Co  mac

April 2015

Torchmark Corp


Position Trades

March 2015


April 2015

India Sensex 

Brown Forman Corp

Tripadvisor Inc

May 2015

Coca-cola Enterprises Inc 

August 2015

Tiffany & Co

Monday 10 August 2015


Support Level 1: 2080
Support Level 2: 2055

take note this is SPY. Friday candlestick tell us that there is buying pressure when it approaching the trendline. 
still trading inside the channel. waiting for break out from the resistance. 
Market is staying sideways to see whether the fed to increase the interest rate next month.


Market Sentiment

Short Term:


Long Term:


Thursday 6 August 2015

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co
Position Trading.

Those who are a fans of Tiffany & Co. Why not be the shareholder of Tiffany & Co?
Make profits from it and use it to buy jewelry to pamper yourself or your spouse.

"Blink" "Blink"
Disclaimer applied. 

Monday 3 August 2015


Support Level 1: 2080
Support Level 2: 2055

Well-supported by the trendline. Hopefully it will break out from the resistance if not this will continue till sept/oct. 

Market Sentiment

Short Term:

Long Term:

Saturday 1 August 2015

Coca-cola Enterprises Inc. 10% in 3 months

Hi money law. 

I have benefit from ur coca cola call. Last night it went up by 12%. I intend to sell it on nx Monday. Do u think is a good idea?


I posted coca-cola call on 3 May 2015 for position trading, click here

It stayed sides way for nearly 3 months then on friday, it shot up by 12.41% because of its stronger-than-expected second quarter financial results were release, alongside rumors that the bottling company may be seeking out mergers with other like companies. click here.

Coca-cola Enterprises Inc is a good fundamental company.

If you have follow my blog closely, normally i will not post any exit price. Just exit if you do not have any exit strategy or you think you have made enough kopi-lui.

Money in your pocket will never go wrong. 

I am not responsible for any of your profits or losses. 

& if you have benefit from my blog, all you need to do is to donate 10% of your profits to help the less fortunate.  

Wednesday 29 July 2015


Money Law,

What is your view for gold & silver? 


My view for gold and silver is bearish. And I have been shorting silver for the past few years and it had gave me a handsome profits. 

Last year, I have made a projection of silver target price @ 14 in my blog. 

Now is trading around this price. Whether it will go further down, nobody will know. 

Follow your chart. 

Never listen to the media. or ME.
Trade or invest based on the chart.

The chart said buy, you buy.
The chart said sell, you sell.

The media said BUY, you buy, prepare to say:

Click below for see my previous posts on silver:

Monday 27 July 2015

Quick Update - Dead Cat Bounce

On 7 July, I blogged about SG property is set to rise from here,

but now i look at the chart, look likes it is a dead cat bounce. 

need to continue to monitor again.

Sunday 26 July 2015


chart only updated till thurs. fri closing price is 2079.65. 

Support Level 1: 2080
Support Level 2: 2050 

Based on the Fed rate projection, 2% ~ 2.5% is a figure we should look out for.
When Fed rate hit 2%~2.5%, Mr Market will need to have some counter measures, eg going into "recession mode", if not the economy will be having hyper-inflation. 

Market Sentiment

Short Term:

Long Term:

Monday 20 July 2015


Now is back to old boring sideways range. Mr Market must break above the resistance and go back into the trading channel. 

Greece drama is over. I had been emphasized that the BB is using the media to create fear in the market. 

You should have made some kopi-lui if you have been buying on dips. 

Be greedy when others are fearful. - warren buffett 

Some readers have asked me that why I am so confident that the market will not crash due to the Greece and China issue.

Cos I don't see any bears around for the next 1 - 2 years. Both fundamental and technical analysis told me that Mr Market is not due for a market crash yet.

It is the knowledge and my system that gives me confidence to stay invested and keep buying on dips.

Support Level 1: 2100
Support Level 2: 2050

Market Sentiment

Short Term:

Long Term:

Sunday 12 July 2015


See how the BB use the media to create fear in the market.
Just not long ago, the Greece issue is all over the media. Creating fear in the market.

Now they said they are not exposed much to Greece. 

So what is the focus for this week?

What about China?
3 trillion is wiped off Chinese shares in 3 weeks and that is 700% more than Greece's total debt
Suddenly Greece issue seems so small.

What is the lesson learn over here?

Never listen to the media. or ME.
Trade or invest based on the chart.

The chart said buy, you buy.
The chart said sell, you sell.

The media said BUY, you buy, prepare to say:

Support Level 1: 2075
Support Level 2: 2045

These 2 support levels is critical. you can see that s&p 500 went to a low of 2044 then closed above 2075.
and i also mentioned that s&p 500 have to close above 2100. 
2100 is a important level to watch. 

Market Sentiment

Short Term:

Long Term:


+56% in 2 months !! 在家赚钱不是梦!!

  +56% in 2 months.  在家赚钱不是梦!!