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Bitcoin Live - 20 Jan 2021


Bitcoin - Can buy anot? For the itchy fingers.

  Bitcoin - Can buy anot?  Don't ask me. Ask the chart.  Drop from 42k to 30k in three days. Scared? For the itchy fingers.  No sell signal yet. Follow the chart. Ignore the noise. 

Alibaba - To buy or sell?

  Alibaba.  You read the news regarding Ants IPO, Jack Ma etc. Negative News.  Some get caught at the top.  Some went in to buy Alibaba when the bad news hit Alibaba.  From the chart, there is a sell signal since November 2020. Some might ask me, what is my view.  For me, I will neither buy nor sell Alibaba. I will not short Alibaba even there is a sell signal. As Alibaba is a GIANT company, the fundamental is good. So nobody will Short a GIANT company.  I will not buy Alibaba too. As news about delisting Alibaba in NYSE and the Chinese government want to step in to investigate Jack Ma, Ant IPO etc. Now is like both 黑白两道 want to bring down Alibaba.  You might think that WOW.. you say like never say lei...  The reason for my view is SIMPLE.  There are other good stocks to trade. What we want is to make EASY MONEY .  Correct anot? Stocks like Alibaba I will not touch. This is for those who have a big and strong heart.  I belong to the lazy people who want to trade stocks to make EASY MON