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Facebook - Strong Support

Facebook. Testing its support multiple times.  Another Giant company which I no need to explain further.  Almost everyone is using. Traveling in MRT and BUS, you can see 8 out of 10 people are surfing facebook. Advertising also shifting from offline to online. Miss it & you will regret it.

Buy Buy Buy or Bye Bye Bye

24 August 2015 ,  31 August 2015 ,  26 October 2015 ,  7 January 2016 ,  16 July 2016 Meet up with some of my readers.  First of all, I want to clarify. I don't conduct any investment or trading course. Please don't ask how my system works.  & I only manage clients' investment portfolio thru unit trust/linked funds. And you get to keep all the profits. No profit sharing needed. If you feel pai-sei to meet me, you just need to buy me a coffee when we meet up.  STI is down by 20% from its peak. And this is my  Funds Performance . Facts tell.  And this is my  Testimonials . If you want me to manage your CPF/CASH investment, please click on this  online form  t o schedule an appointment. 

Apple. one more time.

Apple. one more time.  Enter small and slowly add more to your position.  Look  here  &  here .

Bingo!! 24.85%.

Bingo!! 24.85%. Look  here .

8.9% in one month !! Time to book some profit !!

Nice ..............  Time to book some profits. Over-bought.