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Small ANG POW from Bitcoin

  Tq Elon kor kor. Elon kor kor tweeted on Bitcoin on 29 Jan 2021. And I entered more into Bitcoin.  A bit late in the Bitcoin. But better be late than never.  36% in one month.  I blogged about the triangle formation on 1 Feb 2021  click here . It broke out from the triangle on 2 Feb 2021. There is a "BUY" signal on the 7 Feb 2021. On 8 Feb 2021, Elon kor kor announced that Telsa bought 1.5 billion into Bitcoin. After the announcement, Bitcoin went up 19.45%. Now Bitcoin is forming a flag. Just nice the resistance is the psychological level, 50,000.  We shall eat our bak kwa and watch whether Bitcoin will break 50k from here.  Trade Safe.

Bitcoin - Triangle Formation

  Tesla CEO Elon Musk: ‘I Am a Supporter of Bitcoin’ watch out for Triangle formation forming in Bitcoin.  Something is going to happen.  Elon Musk also tweeted about bitcoin last Friday.  What is going to happen? Nobody knows.  The chart will tell us what to do next. When the richest man talks, we listen. He knows something that we don't know.