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+60% in 5 months!! I sold away my BIT_COIN.

    +60% in 5 months!! On 12 November 2022, I mentioned that when people are bearish about crypto, is TIME for reversal. Click  here . **************************************************** I waited for another 2 months to enter my trade on 5 January 2023.  You see the problem with trading is they want to trade every day.  But I waited months for just 1 trade.  And I just exited my trade today and made 60% in 5 months.  5 months!! I don't trade in and out.  Be patient with your trade. I waited for 5 months before I closed my position.  **************************************************** From what I analyzed, there are no more BIG BOYS in bit_coin.  I shall wait PATIENTLY for the next trade setup.  For those still holding on to crypto, good luck to you.  Im might be wrong. For those who have followed my blog and made money,  REMEMBER to DONATE 10% of your profits to the less fortunate people. **************************************************** If you just invest $10,000, you will ma

where are those GURUS that called for a RECESSION last year.

Image Watch this YouTube again if you miss it.  Read what I posted on 13 August 2022, click HERE . I wondered where are those GURUS that called for a RECESSION last year .  In the video, I explained how to know a RECESSION IS HERE ANOT .