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Amazon - 💰财神爷💰

Amazon.  Hope you have enjoyed your profits from my  Adobe ,    Estee Lauder ,  Rollins  and  Visa  !! Amazon. This stock is captured by my SYSTEM.  All these stocks are like when you open your house door, and you see  💰 财神爷 💰 standing outside your house.  If you don't invite him to your house.  Something is wrong with you. Of course, this is not a buy or sell call.  Please do your due diligence.  Disclaimer applied.  Lose money not my problem.  Make money, spend 10% of your profits to pamper yourself and your hubby/wife.  Reinvest back the 80% back to your capital. Don't spend everything away.  And don't forget to donate 10% of your profits back to  💰 财神爷 💰  temple/ whatever your religion is/ charity . Whatever you give, it will come back more to you. ******************************************************************** Just because it's common sense, doesn't mean it's common practice. *