Tuesday 17 January 2017

STI crosses 3000?

"Technical recession looms" for Singapore.


Is Singapore heading for full-blown recession in 2017?


Two-thirds of Singapore's economy is already in technical recession.


STI crosses 3000. 

caught many by surprises. 

This is what I said on October 2016, click here.


"When everybody is saying Singapore economy is no good, probably is time to take a look. Ascending Triangle Formation. "

If you can make money just by following the news, Everyone will be a millionaire. 

Take some time and go to the library and read up on some finance books. 

Reading news are just for entertainment. 

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+56% in 2 months !! 在家赚钱不是梦!!

  +56% in 2 months.  在家赚钱不是梦!!